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Our History


Cayman Outreach Association (COA) is the vision of a group of Christian men spear headed by Mr. Raphael Bodden in the Cayman Island who wanted to make a holistic change and bring about Christian unity where ever they minister the gospel of Jesus Christ..

The concept of God servanthood heart is what the organization relies on in its volunteers to carry out the duty of the ministry, COA became an active part of the Christian community locally and globally by forming Partnership with the Jamaican, Phillipino, Latino, Cuban, African and American ministries.

One of those volunteers is COA Mission Coordinator Mr. Carl Cargill. Carl Cargill started volunteering with COA in its earlier years and later became a Director and the Mission coordinator for the Organization which has been in existence over eleven plus years (11+) years in the Cayman Islands, partnering and working with churches, the community, the government and other non-profit organizations. COA was registered and incorporated in the Cayman Islands since 2008. Its core objective is to “provide a comprehensive development for the Cayman Islands community including our children, youth and young adults in a structured environment, led by caring professional and knowledgeable individuals.


COA’s core staff complement are volunteers, whose desire is to serve the community in any area their services are needed from youth outreach, youth diversion, education, empowerment and family projects. COA’s aim is to continuously host and offer comprehensive, high quality projects, services and activities that will meet the needs of community at large, which aims;

  1. To improve the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals and families in the Cayman Islands through projects that enhances and promotes the underlying core Christian beliefs and values of COA and the Cayman Islands community at large.
  2. To provide methods to decrease at risk situation for our children, youth and young adults by helping to create a more hopeful environment for those who need the support.
  3. To provide an intense intervention programme for our youth and a technical and vocational training center for young adults who need technical or vocational skillsets to effectively and efficiently transition into the global workforce

After working in the Cayman Islands community for a few years, COA did some research on the community and school system in the Cayman Island we found out that their was a need for education in the vocational arena for the society. As a practical ministry COA sought out the provision to ensure no one was left behind and partnered with several organization to offer a high level of professional international certifications locally in the technical and vocation industry, hence the birth of Caman Outreach Association Technical and Vocational Training Center (COA-TVTC).

In order to meet the objective expectations of our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals and corporations we wouldn’t be able to serve our community as we would like to.

Our History

Cayman Outreach Association (COA) is a registered Organization, which has been in existence over eleven years (11) years in the Cayman Islands,........

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Our Mission
The COA-SLP is committed to providing quality technical/vocational training by empowering graduates to be trained to international standards by certified trained professionals who will use creative and innovative teaching methods that adheres to the highest standard of integrity.
Our Vision
A Christian Technical & Vocational Training Institution and Testing Centre that prepares our youth, young adults and individuals to be productive citizens for continued social and economic development
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