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Who We Are

Cayman Outreach Association COA is a registered charity which hosts and facilitates different projects and outreach throughout the Cayman Islands community. One of those projects previously managed, is the Extended after School Programme (EASP, COA successfully implemented and managed the Extended after School Programme for 3.5 years, which was recognized as a best practice programme.

After 3.5 years serving in the education sector and the community we recognized that there is a gap between youth being able to effectively transition from high school into the job market, this in turn prompted higher levels of unemployment. Upon doing additional research COA found an article from the Ministry of Education website in the National Education Data Report 2013 – 2014, which states, there was a 69% pass in (CXC, GCSE or BTEC). COA believes that with 31% of students not successful in their final year external academic exams, if further technical and vocational training opporutnities are not provided a percentage of these graduates may potentailly become a risk/liability to the Cayman Islands society. (

Therefore Cayman Outreach Association embarked on a new project in 2015 in the area of technical & vocational training, which has never before been offered in The Cayman Islands, this venture was introduced to Cayman Islands in January 2016. The center is Cayman Outreach Technical & Vocational Training Center COA-TVTC, which will offer a variety of vocational and technical courses, including a School Leavers Program (COA-SLP). all courses will take a holistic approch to providing vocational and technical based training for the Cayman Islands, with support subjects that helps the potential student as they gain marketable skills and transition into the workforce as productive citizens. COA-TVTC core objective is to accentuate its ministry of empowering and dveloping the community by providing the required holistic service for all citizens especially our youth and young adults.

Our goal is to present Chirst to mankind in a practical way by teaching them to becaome productive in their communities and the world at large (John 13 vs 35)

Our History

Cayman Outreach Association (COA) is a registered Organization, which has been in existence over eleven years (11) years in the Cayman Islands,........

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Our Mission
The COA-SLP is committed to providing quality technical/vocational training by empowering graduates to be trained to international standards by certified trained professionals who will use creative and innovative teaching methods that adheres to the highest standard of integrity.
Our Vision
A Christian Technical & Vocational Training Institution and Testing Centre that prepares our youth, young adults and individuals to be productive citizens for continued social and economic development
Our Moto